AED/CPR First Aid Training

Becoming certified in AED/CPR First Aid is a way to give yourself the best possible chance to save a life in an emergency situation. AED Advantage provides several course options and works with many instructors across the country to deliver certified training. Get the piece of mind that your staff, coworkers, peers, family and neighbours are as prepared and confident as possible in an emergency situation.

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AED Advantage AED Registry

Your new AED is a medical device and it's of the utmost importance that it is properly maintained and monitored so you can be sure that it will do its job when called upon. That's why we've created the AED Advantage AED Registry to help you keep your equipment in proper working order and to ensure your peace of mind. We'll also send you reminders prior to expiry dates on electrodes and batteries with links to order forms that will allow you to replace them easily.

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