AED Advantage is an excellent provider for the AED units that we are able to provide on every one of our bus tours. This was a large investment for us, however the safety and comfort of our customers is always our highest priority.


Daphne Pollock
Office Manager
WestWorld Tours

Thank you very much for your excellent service with regard to our purchase of the above AED unit. We appreciate your service and advice.

We look forward to delivery of this equipment and the extra level of safety it will provide to our members and potential "clientele".


Wayne Fullerton
Financial Secretary
Logan Lake Search & Rescue Society

"Thanks for taking to the time to briefly explain the importance of this AED in our building. This adds to our peace of mind knowing we have one close by."

Crawford Homes

"As the manager of Health and Safety at SaskEnergy, I have had direct involvement with AED Advantage in the implementation of our Corporate AED Program. All of our experiences with AED Advantage over the past year have been positive and we greatly appreciate their product expertise, professionalism and industry knowledge.

AED Advantage was able to provide us with the products best suited to meet the needs of our organization. Additionally, AED Advantage played a lead role in facilitating our in-person employee training sessions at 18 local staff and safety meetings throughout the provice. This was a significant undertaking and was very much appreciated.

AED Advantage is a company well worth your consideration. We have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending AED Advantage for you or your business."

Robert Taylor, CRSP
Manager, Health & Safety
SaskEnergy Incorporated

"AED Advantage was the successful vendor following our RFP process in 2013. As a Saskatchewan company that specializes in selling and servicing Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), they were able to provide us with the quality of product and continue to provide the level of ongoing support that we were looking for.

SGI has 28 locations including 3 in other provinces, so it was important that they also be able to provide the same quality of product and service to all SGI locations. We are pleased to share that AED Advantage has more than met our expectations in all aspects of our contract. We were also very impressed with the turn around time that they were able to provide the product to us, considering the short notice.

The AED Advantage staff were extremely helpful and accommodating in the co-ordinating of the orientation sessions for our staff. They provided information about the PAD program and contacts for each health region to assist us with the process of registering. They also attended and presented these orientations as their schedule permitted.

AED Advantage provides a high level of service throught the entire process from purchase to installation. They continue to assist each of our locations with their monthly email reminders for checking our equipment."

Sarah Maddia, CDMP, CRSP
Employee Health and Safety
Saskatchewan Government Insurance

"Thanks so much and it was great working with you guys. You are very pleasant and make it very easy to work with!"

Jessica Matsalla
Aquatic Programmer
City of Yorkton
"After searching on the internet and many phone calls trying to find AED's that fit what we need in our offices I finally found AED Advantage. Mary Lou was so helpful answering questions and very competitive with her pricing. The competition didn't even come close in the quality of customer service or price!
Thank you AED Advantage!"
Kelly Weatherly
GCS Energy Services Ltd.
"We were very pleased that a local Saskatchewan company was able to provide us with the equipment. However, what has stood out to us was the level of service we received after the tender was awarded, some of those things being:
- They arranged for an initial meeting to get us acquainted with the process for ordering, receiving, and installation
- The clarity of instructions received
- The one on one service provided to each of our 45 locations
AED Advantage should pride itself on the high level of customer service that they provided to us."
Janet Mueller
Supt. of Business
Horizon School Division #205

“AED Advantage is an excellent provider of AED products. Prices are very competitive and service is First Class.”

Lyle Karasiuk
Director of Public Affairs
Parkland Ambulance

“We recommend AED Advantage to PAD sites in our area for their first-rate customer service.”

Marj Mohr
Strasbourg EMS

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from all of our Saskatoon Heart Safe businesses who have chosen to purchase AED’s from AED Advantage. Prompt, reliable, and great customer service has made AED Advantage one of the leaders in the Saskatoon Heart Safe Program!”

Troy Davies
Director of Public Affairs
MD Ambulance Care


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