SCA & AED Programs

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Essentially, the heart’s electrical systems malfunctions. The heart unexpectedly and abruptly stops beating. It is generally caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called Ventricular Fibrillation.

Who is at risk?
SCA is a global killer. Only 5-10% of victims survive. Every minute of every day SCA claims a victim. It strikes without warning. Although the average age of victims is 65, it strikes everyone... even the young and athletic!

What is an AED?What is an AED?

Short for "Automated External Defibrillator", an AED:

  • Automatically analyzes the patient's heart rhythm.
  • Determines whether a shock is needed.
  • Uses voice and screen prompts to guide the rescuer through the process.

Defibrillation is the only effective treatment of Ventricular Fibrillation. It reorganizes the chaotic electrical activity of the heart and returns it to a normal rhythm. CPR is not enough.

You cannot count on saving a life with CPR as it is a temporary measure for maintaining oxygen to the brain. Defibrillation is necessary to re-establish a regular heartbeat.

AEDs are designed to be used by anyone with minimal training. Communities are placing AEDs wherever people gather ... including in the workplace, airports, hotels and casinos, golf courses, sports arenas, shopping centers, schools and public buildings.

First Nation HeartSave Program

First Nation HeartSave™

AED Advantage has identified a need within the Aboriginal community that was not being addressed and developed the First Nation HeartSave™ Program as a response, the first and only program of its kind in Canada.

Program Options

Clinical Program:
A stationary AED in the health clinic for use by the nurses.

Public Access Program:
A mobile AED for use by trained volunteers.

Community Program:
Both a stationary and a mobile AED available in the community.

Expansion Program:
Additional AEDs located in community buildings including recreational facilities, fire halls and businesses.

Program Benefits

  • A comprehensive design for First Nation Community needs.
  • An assisted needs assessment process.
  • Funding proposal development assistance.
  • Certified training delivery.
  • Ongoing program support and quality aftercare.

Please contact us for more information on implementing a program to suit your needs.

AED Program Steps8 Steps to Building a Successful AED Program

We can help you develop an effective program, every step of the way.

Step 1 - Understand the Opportunity:
Educate key members on healthy lifestyles and key concerns of sudden cardiac arrest.

Step 2 - Plan the Program:
Profile existing health services, analyze AED needs and strategies and develop an appropriate HeartSave™ Program.

Step 3 - Solve for Potential Obstacles:
Define the approval process and decision makers. Identify internal and external funding requirements, potential HeartSave™ responders and medical direction

Step 4 - Develop Support:
Educate decision makers and volunteers. Develop funding strategy and proposals.

Step 5 - Approve the Program:
Internal budget approval. External funding approval. Contract for program implementation.

Step 6 - Build Capacity:
Train the Heart Save responders. Finalize the HeartSave™ response plan.

Step 7 - Start the Program:
Place the AEDs. Display the HeartSave™ certificate and signage. Coordinate with the local ambulance service.

Step 8 - Quality Aftercare:
Schedule recertification of responders. Schedule servicing of AEDs. Have professional medical analysis of AED response incidents.

Contact us for more information on building and implementing an AED program that's right for you!


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